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The company focuses its efforts in telecommunication services (design and implementation), which not only are tailor-made for each customer´s needs, always having efficiencies as the main goal, but assuring that the solution will always be aligned with technical requirements.

To obtain these, GK has developed two pillars as main strengths: a robust national network (backbone), and a licensed radioelectric spectrum band.

GK weights properly the importance of the professional human resources on its team, since quality and commitment only come from the correct people, in the correct position with the correct motivation and skills.

All these together, generates a crystal-clear environment, with long term relations as first priority, and today having the honor of housing trustworthy relationships with first level customer for more than 17 years, is clear proof of such quality commitment.



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Each customer receives, with his “Service Level Agreement”, an assurance that the service is design to the specific customer´s needs, which ends up as a relevant differentiation factor in the industry, based on formality and commitment levels not common in this market.


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GK has designed and deployed a proprietary micro-wave network around the country, and with its “carrier class” level, it differentiates itself from the local competitors due to its redundant design and it´s alternate routes, which has been fundamental to the positive impact in the quality level received by customers, and, in its productivity and cost structure. GK´s platform uses high-end technology, which guarantees a cell optimization broadband, as well as additions to existing sites and interface control, with a reinforced security levels, using authentications and data encryption WEP128, WEP 256 & AES, as well as the use of “Advance Access Suites” (AAS): Including but not limited to VLAN coding, prioritization QoS, and more.

Customer Service

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Permanent contact and personalized service is something basic in the company´s culture, overall the organization’s main goal is to resolve any obstacle or issue related to customer´s needs, applying to this process the best practices in timely manner.

Use your WiFi to attract, retain and reward your customers.

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There is a permanent search for improvement, not only in operations, services, but in the product portfolio handled by the company. Under the brand Konecta, Grupo Konectiva Latam S.A., presents a new service, “WiFi for visitors with Social Connectivity”, which allows to capture, store and analyze relevant demographic data, as well as consumer habits, that enhances the possibilities of a better, more segmented marketing effort. This in itself makes possible to integrate your free-WiFi within the overall marketing strategy. The business format offered by GK, includes the complete infrastructure (WiFi Access Points), the proper AP model, its installation and network management, as a differentiation tool, again, this service includes a specialized software platform by which is possible to connect, communicate and interact with each visitor to your point of sale, while these people connects wirelessly to the internet. Is also possible to provide any additional demanded broadband links, which would be delivered wirelessly to any required point of sale.